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happy birthday? really?
December 18, 2007, 2:39 pm
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Here was the beginning of an e-card my husband sent me yesterday:

I’ve been thinking of you today. I wish that this could have been a more festive birthday. Vomiting, pink eye, diarrhea, and sinus infections can really spoil a good time.

I am not sure what this post should be about. Should I write about how my birthday sucked ass, or should I write about how we have been sick for over 3 weeks now? They’re kind of one in the same I guess.

Here is something I’d like to say to those who have ever had the gaul to tell me that they wish they had had twins and just “gotten it over with all at once”: When twins get sick, you are in it for the LONG FUCKING HAUL! And don’t blame it all on daycare, my friend, because last year, when I was home with them 24/7 and angelically breastfeeding them, they were sick for 3 weeks in Oct, 4 weeks in Nov-Dec and 3 weeks in Feb! And that myth about parents not getting what their kids have because some force of nature takes over, ensuring that parents will stay healthy in order to take care of their young, is nonsense. I now have a sinus infection that, by 2PM each day, makes me feel like I have the flu. And it is also making me puke even more than I already was. And today my son woke up caked in diarrhea chest to toe. And parents don’t get to stay in bed and heal, even if they happen to be pregnant and feeling awful.

Okay, to be fair there is a timeline I will lay out here that puts things in perspective, making this year seem not so bad, actually.

My birthday, over the last 3 years:

2005 – Twin A just came home from the pediatric intensive care unit. It seems he might be okay, if the epogen injections do what they are supposed to over the next few days. We don’t know yet. He might need to go back in for a blood transfusion on Christmas Day. We don’t know why he is destroying red blood cells faster than he can make them. We are so scared.

2006 – The boys are getting healthier, less scares since that surgery our son had at the end of August. The boys are sick, however, with never-ending colds, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. We have not done a lick of Christmas shopping. Husband and I are both sick with stomach flu. My primary care physician wants to rule out lymphoma for me, sends me to an ENT.

2007 – House full of sick people for SO FUCKING LONG. We are stressed over having to take so many days off of our respective jobs to stay home with the boys. I am pregnant and faithfully puking and nauseous on a daily basis at 13+ weeks. I am scared of having three kids. We have not done a lick of Christmas shopping, baked a single cookie, or been out on a date to celebrate our favorite season.

Do you see? Progress. Each year really does get less scary. For that, I am glad, and that is not meant to be sarcastic. So while not exactly a happy birthday, I’m okay with it.


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Man! I see my future in you and it looks pretty rough! Thank you for putting it out there honestly, though. It does me no good to pretend it’s not going to be really fucking hard and scary to have two at once. I’m only pregnant with them, and already it has totally taken something away from birthdays and holidays. Yesterday was our anniversary, and while we did go out to dinner, I was totally uncomfortable and tired and contracting sporadically and couldn’t really enjoy it properly. I can’t imagine what it will be like when they’re here!

Here’s my Christmas wish for you: All of your illnesses clear up over the next week and your pregnancy nausea miraculously contains itself to the first trimester like it does for so many of us rather than being an all-pregnancy-long thing like it was with the twins. Presents or no presents, at least that way you will all be feeling good for Christmas.

Comment by asia

Happy Birthday! I’m sorry it was crappy (literally?). But I’m glad the boys are both – overall – healthy, as you said.

Comment by melissa

Oh, I’m so sorry. We had a run like that recently, and I wasn’t pregnant on top of it, and it was sheer hell. I hope it passes for you very soon, and I’m glad everyone’s OK.

Comment by Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Happy Belated – sorry it wasn’t happier. 😦 I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

Well, it IS progress. But still, birthdays should be magical. Like they are when you are about 4 through 11. And I hope that damn queasyiness stops already. And all the sickness stops circulating your house.

Comment by Jennifer

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