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amnio question
January 21, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Boy#2 with the throw-ups last night, 4 days after boy #1. Not so bad, though, considering other kids at their daycare had it for days on end, and they got away with a 24 hour thing. I’m just waiting for it to get me.

Being sick could throw a wrench in the amnio plan for Friday. I will be 18weeks5days on Friday. What happens if I have to postpone it? Aren’t you supposed to have an amnio done by 18 weeks? Anyone know? And what if I get the amnio then get sick and am retching and losing even more fluid?

I’m already paranoid about the amnio as it is. My friend lost her twins due to an infection following her amnio a few years back. It was terrible, and she never get pregnant again. I know that’s very unusual, but it’s real to me. The saving grace is that I know the doctor who is going to do it, and I think he’s good. And while I do not need the amnio per se, we feel that it is very important for us this time around (didn’t do it last time). So that’s the plan, for better or worse.


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I really don’t think you should worry about the dehydration thing too much. First of all, it’s not so much fluid that thet take that you are endangering the kid. Also, even if YOU get dehydrated from being sick, any fluid in your body will be going to the kid, leaving you feeling worse but the babe OK. When I threw up everything and then some for a day, my OB said it really wasn’t going to affect the thing at all. All systems work in favor of keeping the thing happy. Leech. They didn’t even tell me to drink extra water after my amnio or anything. I am so sorry you are so scared. I can see why after knowing someone. It will be over very quickly and you will know within a day or so that all is well as far as infection risk. Are you doing FSH and getting results faster? We did it thinking we would have to pay but insurance did, bizarrely. As far as timing, I think I was between 17 and 18 weeks. Certainly, the sooner the better. Thinking of you. Sending calm, calm thoughts.

Comment by Bri

We went the amnio route with both girls (first dictated by a false positive quad screen result; second by choice). I know that with #2, the genetic counselor told me, in a roundabout way, that the cut off here was 22 weeks before a decision would have to be made in the case of something ‘bad’ showing up on amnio. we did do the amnio a little early, i think around 18 weeks, or 17 and change, just because the timing worked out that way, not intentionally or anything. I do know that I had it done slightly later with #1…and they did FSH the results, so maybe you could postpone it if you get sick and ask them (when/if you have to postpone) if given the delay, the results could be FSHed when the amnio is done. Sorry I don’t have more specifics than that about my experience, mommy brain and all 🙂

Good luck, whenever you opt to do it, and may the illness skip you entirely and make this issue very moot!

Comment by Dee

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