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The low down. (REAL low)
February 26, 2008, 6:29 pm
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First, thanks for the kind and funny comments from my last post. I have felt more encouraged and relaxed about my parenting style since reading them. I have a lot of follow-up thoughts to that post that may become new posts, but I haven’t had the chance to put them together quite yet.

What I really want to know is much less complex or interesting: is it normal to feel most of a baby’s kicks down low? I felt a lot of cervical kicks with the last pregnancy, but a lot of middle and high kicks too. This time it is 90% crotch kicks. WTF? I am 23 1/2 weeks, and the last three times I’ve had a u/s, the baby has been in breech position. That would explain the low kicks. But why, I am wondering, does this baby not move around into different positions, with all the space it has? I mean, J and M were squeezed in there pretty tight. Doesn’t this baby know how good s/he has it? But seriously, most of the kicks are so low that the only way my husband would be able to feel them would be to… okay, use your imagination. Oh, and I am sporting a posterior placenta, so that is not in the way of my feeling kicks.

I think the above concern is mostly a reflection of my rampant paranoia. Basically, I am paranoid that this baby will come early because of what happened last time. And the fact that I am having a lot of aches and pains in my lower pelvis that I don’t remember having with J and M just feeds my paranoia. I also have squeezy feelings down below my belly that I fretfully contemplate as contractions. I have been through this before – you would think I would be able to distinguish a contraction from bad gas. Apparently a run-through pregnancy did not teach me sufficiently enough to be prepared for this one.

I am pretty sure that a lot of my body’s current complaints have to do with me pulling twin toddlers onto my lap, bending over to pick up their mess off the floor, and complying with M’s request to play trucks on the floor one too many times. (But in my own defense, who can resist a little, high voice cooing, “Twucks, mama? Hep me. Hep me wiff duh twucks. Dis twuck go a gamma’s haus. Mama?”) And then there are J’s occupation therapy exercises that require us to partner with him in jumping, therapy ball, wheel-barrow walking, and what basically amounts to throwing him onto the couch repeatedly. Most of those activities are now P’s responsibility, as you can imagine.

In any case, if you have a heart-warming anecdote about getting the shit kicked out of your or a loved-one’s crotch by a fetus, please share. Until then, I will be bracing myself for the next cervical smack-down.


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I have a friend who has three and a half year old twins and is pregnant with number three. Just like you! (well, her twins are older). She is due in April. She says all the time how she can feel this one kick all over. She feels kicks so much more with only one in there, she says. A whole different experience, being pregnant with one and not two. Makes me kinda sad that I will not know.

She has gained I think 30 pounds. She is worried because she isn’t due till Mid april. I think it is because her body remembers being pregnant with twins. She showed early!

She is running around after the twins all the time and is exhausted! (She stays home with the twins.) Her kids are really good, so that helps a lot. But she is exhausted. i don’t know how she or you do it, I really don’t.

And I got low kicks all the time from Maddie, who was crumpled up on top of my cervix while avery stretched w-a-y out in the penthouse. They were both breech for a while there too. I barely remember what it feels like, to be kicked from the inside. I miss it!!

Comment by Jennifer

I have gained 25 so far, and I’m not due till June. Nice, eh? Not sure what to do, if anything. Sounds like your friend. Oh, and M was stretched waaay out in the penthouse too, while J was crumpled up. Sucks for the bottom twin.

Comment by meanmama

Well, one possibility is that the kid has a relatively (not dangerously) short cord and CAN’T move that much. We’re pretty sure Natalie was head down from well before 20 w and NEVER flipped. Which I thought was weird until she was born and had a very short cord.

I do think some babies aren’t big movers, too.

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

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