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March 25, 2008, 8:19 pm
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Another day. I feel achiness in my lower abdomen that makes me nervous, though I admit it’s the same sensation that I have felt off and on since like 21 weeks, and it’s not amounted to anything so far.  It’s just hard because every little thing makes me feel like this might be “it.”  How I want that 28 weeks.  28 weeks would horrify most people.  It probably horrifies you, no? But statistically it looks pretty good, if you’re willing to be in it for the long haul.  I watch a lot of TV, and I saw two commercials for tonight’s CBS nightly news about “tiny preemies fighting for their lives” and the problems that researchers now say haunt them into adulthood.  Thanks for that, CBS.  Tell Katie Couric she can bite me. I much prefer The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer anyhow.  


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I will tell Katie the next time I see her. (I did see her a few times from a great distance because a colleague and I used to go to the Today Show summer concerts before work. Alas… no more.)

I am still sending lots of good thoughts and energy your way. So are Jo and Lo.

Comment by Co

Just to counter that CBS crap, my cousin’s baby was born at 27 weeks and is now a happy, healthy 1st grader with no lasting issues. So there.
Sending you lots of positive and baby-stay-in-there wishes.

Comment by melissa

Oh ugh. I was hoping you would miss that thing – I saw the previews for it, too. I know Melissa’s cousin. So there.

Thinking of you. Love you.

Comment by bri

thinking of you and the number 28 is on my mind.

much love and prayers to you and yours…

Comment by gypsygrrl

I saw that on the news last night. Funny thing, they interviewed this kid who is 11 and was born a preemie, at 2 pounds i think, and he said, “I am like a poster child for parents with preemies, I turned out great!” (paraphrase) and they talked with his mom etc. about how awesome this kid is, how healthy he is, how happy he is, and the whole time he was collecting eggs from his chickens talking with the news crew. I would say, the piece showed just how PERFECT preemies can be!

Sending you well wishes!!

Comment by casey

Thanks, Melissa, for the comment about your cousin’s 27 weeker. That makes me feel really good. And thanks, Casey, for shedding light on the CBS piece – I guess they needed to make it sound more dramatic in the ad!

Comment by meanmama

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