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hump day
March 26, 2008, 7:13 pm
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-SERIOUSLY- What has happened to my blog’s ability to maintain paragraphs??Everything just gets mushed together as soon as I hit save or publish. Argh! I’ll have to use bullets in the meantime. 

  • No one is happier to get through Wednesday than I.  Another day, quietly creeping toward my 28 week goal.  I am so, so happy that there is a Top Chef all-day marathon on Bravo to watch.  I don’t have any kind of cable at home and have never seen this show before.  I like it a lot.
  • Yesterday  I was feeling pretty achy/crampy in my lower abdominals, but today that it pretty much gone, much to my relief.  Leaking is the only symptom I’m experiencing today so far- a symptom a hate but one that is unavoidable given my current situation.The baby is still moving like a made man/woman.  S/he is head-down for now, so whenever my body decides it’s time to deliever, I will do a vbac.  I have to say, however, that I am a lot less excited about vbac in the given circumstances.  I won’t get to hold the baby or have him/her nurse or probably even hear the baby cry.  But I guess avoiding a surgery is good.  Whatever.  My c-sec last time was easy, so however it turns out is fine.  
  • Dreams of a just-right birth or a sentimental home-coming or, let’s face it, a fat, squalling baby are dashed.  However, I don’t feel all that sorry for myself.  At my core, I feel very blessed in most aspects of my life- two awesome boys, a pretty much perfect husband, a fulfilling personal life, and great friends, many of whom call me every day or have visited – and all of these things fill me up and keep the lesser things in my life from stinging as much, I think.  So even though this one aspect of my life- pregnancy and birth- has not been up to my dreams, I am actually not as down in the dumps about it as I would have predicted.  Maybe it’s something I’ll mourn later, when I have the luxury to do so.  Or maybe I’ll remain wise enough to know what matters most to me, in the context of my ever-changing life.  
  • More Top Chef is calling… . 



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Seriously I have a feeling you are going to be in there a long, long time! Just a hunch. You are so close to your 28 week goal….and I am sure you will exceed it. Positive positive positive thoughts.

I am reading this book (called “better”) and there is a chapter on birth and it talks about how once upon a time preemies did not have a good outlook. Now babies are born earlier and earlier and spend time in the NICU and are fine. A FOAF (friend of a friend had a baby at 26 weeks I think, just over a pound. She is home. There are so so many happy endings.

But this down time… thank goodness for Top Chef. I LOVE that show! The new series is started two weeks ago. Epsidoe three is on tonight at 10!!

Comment by Jennifer

YAY Top Chef! I seriously love that show. It is so excellent to find a show like that in marathon form when you haven’t seen it before.

I wasn’t sure you wanted visitors but since it seems like it, do you want me to come? This weekend, maybe?

Love you sooooooo much. You are so close to 28!!

Comment by bri

oooh enjoy Top Chef!!! its awesome…
day by day… am thinking of you and sending love and prayers and good stay-for-awhile thoughts for the little bitty one.

i have read a blog of a woman who chronicaled her daughters birth at 26wks, she weighed 1lb 11oz ~ she was born in august and has been home for several months and while bumpy, she is doing GREAT!

if you want to read it i will send the link… i didnt want to add stuff to make you worry tho.


Comment by gypsygrrl

Yeah for another day! I’m so impressed with your outlook on this situation. Keep going… and keep staying positive. Hopefully that little one is good and comfortable in there and doesn’t want to come out anytime soon!

Comment by J

I’m glad you’ve hit Hump Day and that at least you have good t.v. to distract you a bit.

Comment by Co

you are doing great! sending you positive thoughts!!

Comment by casey

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