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28 week milestone
March 31, 2008, 11:09 am
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Sunday we hit 28 weeks and have now completed a second and final round of two steroid shots to develop the baby’s lungs. When I came in at 26 weeks, I did not think I could make it this far. I am pleased.

The weekend was not too restful, however. I was on constant monitoring. I kept having clusters of these little decelerations. Like I would have three minor decelerations in the course of one hour and then nothing for like four hours. I almost got moved back to labor and delivery, but my doctor reasoned that since the baby’s heart rate kept rising back to normal quickly and there continued to be excellent movement, that I could stay put on the antepartum floor. I felt nervous the whole weekend, though. Fortunately, two of my friends showed up together for a visit yesterday, and they are very comedic. And I also have a new sense of calm, having seen the boys.

Today, in addition to the fetal monitoring from hell, I have an ultrasound to check fluid, biophysical profile, and growth. I will be glad to see how much the baby has grown, but I’m terrified about the fluid check, since I would say that I’ve been leaking an increased amount of fluid over the last few days. I am pretty scared. I will update you when/if I can later today.

In the meantime, my husband will be taking J to another famous NYC hospital to get his lymphatic malformation checked out. This is a birthmark just inside his mouth that continues to grow and is just plain problematic. We need to continually assess what we want to do with it, if anything. At this point, we will probably have to continue to leave it alone for the sake of his language development. Strange fact: I took J last June to this same doctor, along with his brother who also had a suspicious bump, while my husband was in the cardiac wing of another hospital! You can’t say we haven’t gotten our money’s worth in insurance.

One last thing- thanks for your supportive comments and emails. They really do give me a sense of stability during these rocky days.


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Congrats on 28 weeks. That is amazing. You have come so far and I have a feeling you will get much farther. i hope you become bored to tears and lonely in that hospital after another six or so weeks. I mean that in the nicest way, of course!

I hope the fluid checks out ok. Like I said I had a friend who had the same issue, and her fluids would go up and down but always stayed in a safe zone. The fluid replenishes really quickly. And I am sure you are getting tons of fluid through water and drinks.

A generation ago, your situation would would dire. But now, it is so manageable WITH a positive outcome. I am bitter for you that you couldn’t have a blissful hapy drama free pregnancy. It just isn’t fair. But you and your husband and your kids…you all seem so strong and seem to have the foundation to endure this hel. Ad the good thing is, hopefully, it will NEVER get harder than these days.

Thinking of you all and I am checking for updates every time I pass my computer.

Comment by Jennifer

Hooray, hooray, HOORAY for 28 weeks! I’m so glad you’ve made it this far and hope it’s just the beginning of a long, long wait.

FX for J’s appointment today. You guys aren’t getting a break!

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

more thughts for a few more very boring weeks for you :} the funny-friends visit sounds like just what your spirit needed, and of course getting to see those gorgeous boys of yours!

thinking of you ~ tho i may not be able to chime in as often since today starts a new 7wk module of nursing school. but you & your wonderful family get prayed for daily :}

much love to you,

Comment by gypsygrrl

hooray for 28 weeks! your little one is beating the odds by staying put for so long; i’m so glad for all of you. also glad that your spirits are up, and also wish you long boring hospital life (in the nicest way!). can you cram for all the tests today by drinking lots and lots of fluids?

Comment by sn

Congrats on the big milestone 🙂 Keep up the fantastic gestating meanmama! Hope all went well with the BPP and fluid check–how’s that baby looking? Great, I imagine (and hope).

Comment by Dee

Yay for reaching 28 weeks!

Comment by melissa

that is a fantastic milestone. really, we’ll keep hoping for more and more time – for your sake and for the baby. but one day at a time, and THIS day is a great one.

Comment by f

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