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March 31, 2008, 10:17 pm
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Three good things about today:

  • My friend Bri came to visit me and brought me a good book I’ve already started and – wait for it – rice crispy treats.   
  • My ultrasound was good. Fluid remains about the same. Biophysical profile good.  Growth fine. Baby is roughly 2lb 14oz, a couple weeks ahead of the average. 
  • A friend of mine may become my substitute at work, which means that some of my curriculum has a chance of being continued without interruption.    

Now if I can just get through the next monitoring with no big decelerations, I will be able to sleep well tonight. 


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C’mon MeanBaby – stay put and prosper!

Keeping everything crossed for you.

Comment by artsweet

Awesome news!! That is a great sized baby. Congrats – another day here, another day gone. I like that, little MeanBaby 🙂 And so glad the fluid is replenishing itself even though you felt like it was getting lower. One day at a time – each day better than the next. Sorry it sucks in the meantime, though. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Comment by f

Hurray for being past 28 wks!!!

I am glad things are still looking good. Still sending lots of positive energy your way.

And thanks for your comment on our blog. (The pumping for daycare is going well for us so far.)

Comment by Co

You’re doing great! Yeah for getting past 28 weeks!

Comment by JB

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