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April 2, 2008, 6:46 pm
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Still here, but I’m just kind of too tired to write much. I have been having low achiness.  This has been happening since about 21 weeks of pregnancy, but it seems a bit more frequent now, and a bit more noticeable.  It doesn’t seem to be labor/contractions, though. Not so far, at least.  So we keep going like we’ve been going.  I’m a little nervous today for no particular reason.  Maybe I’m just freaking out again about having a significantly premature preemie. At the same time, I am getting more excited that we are having another baby. It’s a weird combination.  The hospital may be slowly making me batty.  They have taken such good care of me so far, but I guess the insanity was bound to set in at some point.


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Still there is a good thing 🙂 so perhaps baby won’t be as ‘significantly premature’ as your nerves have you thinking.

I wish there were more I could do to help you pass the time. I know how crazy I start to go when I’ve been in the hospital for any length of time, especially ’cause it seems like you can never get any sleep/rest before someone else comes in to poke/prod/check and so on (I say that as both a former patient and as the parent of a patient). Hope you’re spared that as much as possible.

Comment by Dee

hey mean mama!
(waving at Mean Baby in your belly)
hang in there… it sounds like the hospital is taking good care of you and it is awesome to know that they will be taking great care of your baby when he/she finally makes his/her arrival ~ which i am hoping will be after you have suffered a few more weeks of batty-ness in there ;P
much love and good thoughts coming your way

Comment by gypsygrrl

I’m surprised the hospital didn’t make you batty before now! Hopefully there is some new TV show you’ve discovered. Keep hanging in there…

Comment by JB

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