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April 4, 2008, 2:14 am
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The days are going by about as fast as molasses dripping in winter.

I am missing my boys so, so much.

I may find out the sex of the baby, just so I can have a more personal relationship with him or her. It is hard sometimes to find motivation to keep this baby in for weeks longer when my two other babies are not with me right now. It is getting quite painful to be away from them. I yearn for them. I dream about their soft cheeks against my face. And unfortunately, I’m beginning to dream about bad things happening to them when they are not under my watch. It’s not getting any easier as time goes by.

In other news, my fluid check came out a little lower today, so I may have to have another one tomorrow. The baby is still doing well, though. MeanBaby is somethin’ else, eh?


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Oh, Meanbaby! Awesome!
And as always, thinking of you.

Comment by Lo

Meanbaby is sneaking ever closer to 29 weeks. That is one amazing baby to go with an amazing mama.
Man, I would miss those wonderful boys, too. Thinking of you!

Comment by Amanda

hullo meanbaby, we’re going to be really mean and keep you in a little longer!

does meanmama like to play scrabble online? there are hours, right there, poof! (scrabulous)

or maybe learn to knit?

i have 8 gajillion ‘this american life’ CDs i could burn for you (i know i don’t know you, just trying to think of what i’d want!). i think you could also just download them – they’re fun to listen to for a while.

do you have a book of short stories? i find those easier than full novels, especially if you’re getting pulled out of the narrative all the time.

so…i’m both sorry you’re super bored and stressed, and sorta happy because meanbaby is staying put!!

Comment by f

Yes, that meanbaby is somethin’! I do think finding out the sex and giving this baby a name will help. And I understand missing your boys…it must seem like you are being punished and for what–having another baby.
I second F’s comments–online scrabble! I will even play you…email me if you’d like to play.
Jane (another Brooklyn mom)

Comment by Jane

Oh, J, I am so sorry. I can imagine how hard it must be to be away from the boys. Thinking of you.

Hang in there, MeanBaby – you’re doing great!

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

saw you on lost and found…wanted to say that we’re all thinking of you…and hoping that the time starts to pass quickly. Maybe the rice crispy treats will help with that…I love those. It must be hard to be away from everyone…hang in there…one day at a time…Sending you some prayers.

Comment by sara

MeanBaby ROCKS! And I’m sure you don’t need to hear this from me, but Every Day Counts.

Can you do any kind of video chat with the boys? I know it’s not the same as holding them and feeling their soft little cheeks, but at least you’d get to see them and they’d get to see you.

Comment by artsweet

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