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April 12, 2008, 2:50 pm
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Still pregnant, hallelujah.

This morning the high risk doc told me she’s going to start a pool with the other doctors for when I’ll go. I think they should donate the money to me in lieu of my lost wages.

I seem to have prevented waking up in excruciating pain the last two nights by taking tylen.ol before I go to bed and then setting my alarm to wake up once an hour to pee. It may be inconvenient, but it sure beats having to go through false labor each night.

I love my meanbabyboy. He impresses me daily.


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Oh, yay!!! You didn’t update yesterday and I thought “oh shit, I guess the pain WAS a bad sign.” I had a LOT of “Braxton-Hicks contractions and ALSO real, pre-term labor that had to be stopped at 24 weeks in one pregnancy, 26 with another. My first two were pre-term babies, but my third, even after a couple of scares, hung in until 38 weeks when they induced me because the kid was so BIG. I don’t think I’d wish 38 weeks on YOU, mind you, but if not 35 or 36 I am really hoping you at least get to 32, since things tend go SO much better after that point. Finally, in my third pregnancy, my doctor taught me a trick that often set my mind at ease when I was getting those really LOW contractions that actually hurt pretty badly–if the TOP of your uterus still feels SOFT (although if you poke it too much you can TRIGGER a contraction, so go easy) then it’s a Braxton-Hicks for sure. Which doesn’t mean you necessarily need to freak out if the top IS hard then it can still be a Braxton-Hicks contraction, but if it’s NOT (and mine often was not) then it definitely IS, or is just “uterine irritability.” My uterus, apparently, is a big ole crankypants.
Although its attitude is MUCH better since I had an IU Ablation (ask you doctor after you have MeanBabyBoy about getting one of these–if you’re not planning on any more pregnancies it’s medical science’s gift to women with endometriosis–I haven’t had a period or even any spotting OR A SINGLE CRAMP since having mine about nine months ago). Can’t recommend that enough; after the hell of Endo periods for so many years I hardly know what to do with myself now that I don’t have them at all (although I can tell you right now that I am REALLY looking forward to this summer, when I don’t have to automatically deny my kids the fun of going to the pool eight to ten days out of the month!) If you want one of these, you might also want to ask for a tubal after MeanBabyBoy is born or try to sweet-talk your husband into having a vasectomy, because usually OBGYNs want at least one partner to be surgically sterile before they’ll do this–apparently a post-ablation pregnancy is doomed and can even be life-threatening. If you go the vasectomy route (which is MUCH easier unless you’re already having a c-section) MAKE SURE YOUR HUSBAND DOES THE FOLLOW-UP TESTING. Mine didn’t, and so our third was a surprise “Irish twin” to our second, who is developmentally-delayed, so basically right now they’re BOTH two. Which can be, um…SLIGHTLY hectic.
Keep up the good work–I know it’s not a paid gig, but I’m sure you know all too well what an important one keeping a little baby in for as many extra days and weeks as possible is! You’re MY hero–I think I’d have started developing unnatural attachments to the wallpaper in my hospital room by now, LOL!

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