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30 weeks today
April 13, 2008, 3:54 pm
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I am astounded that I have been here for four weeks now. We are so much better off than we were when we came in at 26. My doctors will not let me go past 34. That’s when my kids were born. As you know, their first year was far from trouble-free. I try to keep in mind, however, that they were twins with less room/resources in the womb. Anyway, I will be really lucky if I can get that far. It seems out of reach at the moment. I am eager to get to 32, which seems a little more possible. Mostly I like to make goals for every four days. For some reason, that’s what works best for me.

My boys were just here for a visit. Usually it lifts my spirits, but today I just feel kind of overwhelmed. God, do I miss them. Saying I miss them does not really even describe how I feel.  I mostly am able to keep my feelings at bay, because I really have to to get through this. But some days it’s just very hard.


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I’m hoping your time passes quickly and soon you’ll be home with a healthy baby and the rest of your family. That must be so very hard having to live on pins and needles and away from home, but just know that there are people such as myself rooting you on! Hang in there, I’ll be checking back 🙂

Comment by sara

30 weeks is amazing. Here is hoping for four more days (or better yet, weeks). Thinking of you! xo

Comment by Amanda

How about a 50/50 pool for bloggers – half goes to you (after all, you’re the one baking the baby) and half goes to the Uterus fund?

Comment by artsweet

Wow. 30 weeks is fabulous- you are amazing as is that little meanbabyboy!!!!

Comment by JB

Congrats on 30 weeks!

Comment by Lo

Yay, meanbabyboy! Yay, meanmama! 30 weeks is HUGE (as a former inmate of antepartum hospital rooms during three high-risk pregnancies, I possess an MD in Googleology with a specialty in Neonatology, and could, as I’m sure you can, list the survival rates and risks for practically each DAY in-utero) and you are AMAZING for holding up as well as you are (oh yes you are! You’re still PREGNANT). Three cheers for the meanmamaandbaby!

Comment by Eliza

Go meanmama. 30 weeks, that is quite the acomplishment. I have no doubts that you will keep it up and make it to 34 weeks!!!!

Comment by Jean


Damn right those docs should pool that ‘when will she go?’ money into your pockets to make up for lost wages 🙂

Sorry to hear that the boys’ visit wasn’t the panacea for the heart that it usually is. May the overwhelming take a hike (there will be plenty of time for that once meanbabyboy is here) soon and allow some peace back into the picture.

My money is on 34 weeks too!

Comment by Dee

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