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April 14, 2008, 8:33 pm
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The ultrasound today was good.

The baby is measuring in the 85th percentile for 30w1d, coming in around 4 pounds.  I knew we had a growth spurt!   The fluid was at a freakish high, measuring in a lowish normal range.  Strange, since I’ve been leaking more than ever. Of course, as soon as I got back from the ultrasound, I had a gush that soaked through 2 pads and underwear.  But I guess I had some to spare, so it’s okay.  Baby looked well, heart and breathing good, umbilical dopplers good.

So looks like things are good for now. The u/s tech, while happy with my progress, warned that fluid can really fluctuate and that next time it could be lower again. But we agreed that for today we’d be happy.  I hope we continue smooth sailing  right through 32 weeks. I know I could get an infection at any moment and need to birth the baby (infection is the most common reason for women with pPROM to deliver, because you’ve lost your protective barrier from outside to inside, and can come on very quickly), but I am glad that the other factors are stable.


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So glad today’s stats were good. Hang in there.

Comment by Co

you know this is a great lesson for all of us ~ be happy in what is in Today. looking forward and carrying so much hope for the future, but its great to celebrate these babystep victories with you!

go meanmama!!!
go meanbaby!!!

here’s to 32 weeks 🙂 and no infection!

Comment by gypsygrrl

So glad that todays stats were great! Keep it up meanbabyboy! One day at a time…

Comment by JB

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