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April 17, 2008, 3:39 pm
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As I posted below, I’d been having pain (read the post for more info).  I haven’t had consistent pain since 5:30AM, though I have had some little bits here and there.  I am going to guess that my body is gearing up for labor, but whether that’s today, tomorrow, or a week from now, who can tell.  Only time will tell, since they can’t do an internal exam.  I’ve been reading about false labor, and it seems like that may be what I’m having. I didn’t know false labor could be so painful!  But the fact that the pain/tightening is only low and in front, not all around the uterus, makes it fit the bill. The spotting is still suspicious. It is minimal now, but it’s new.

So while I don’t necessarily think labor is eminent, I think my body is learning what to do.  In the meantime, the baby looks great on his heart monitor tracings (he was on almost constantly last night), and in his ultrasound today.  I was getting depressed about the baby coming so soon, but at least if he does come it looks like he is strong and in good shape.

I’ll keep you up to date as things do or don’t progress!


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Oh the suspense!! Not being able to know more with exams heightens that, I think. But glad he looks ok on the monitors and is doing well, considering. Is false labor a predictor of timing, or just one of those things that happen? Sorry about the spotting – there’s no way that *can’t* be stressful to see, so just hope it continues as a non-event. That’s like your whole stay so far…a series of mini-events that end up being (thankfully) not-the-Big-Event, but that all add up to one loooooong stay in the hospital without your boys, friends, home, family. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Comment by f

Oh, man. I admire you for having the fortitude to keep us updated when you just be on tenterhooks! I have a Totally Controversial Suggestion. My last go-round with preterm labor, they did something they hadn’t with either of the first two pregnancies, which was to use Stadol and/or Nubain to basically keep me out of it–I think the theory is something along the lines of making your body think “well, I can’t expel the fetus while we’re SLEEPING, a bear could eat it or something!” In any case twice it worked beautifully although the third time they did hit me with the mag. In my experience Stadol was a nice happy kind of duhhhhh buzz whereas Nubain made me see trails and get all paranoid and flipped-out, although your mileage may vary. I don’t know if I would have accepted the drugs had my membranes been ruptured, because of course nobody wants to deliver a premature baby who’s too drugged to even TRY to breathe properly, and that DOES up the stakes, but if the baby is looking good and they don’t think you’re in any meaningful labor pattern, I wonder if a dose of narcotics would at least relieve the pain and let you sleep through some of the worrying. I know it sounds totally counterintuitive, narcotics while pregnant, but I was several weeks’ LESS pregnant when they tried this method on me and they assured me that the baby’s brain had already mostly developed and all it would do to the kid is maybe make THEM sleepy, too. Might at least be something to ask about if the pain starts really bothering you, although I had grave reservations my own self and they may not WANT to do anything to stop labor with you because in a situation like yours usually if the body suddenly decides the babay MUST go it has a reason…sorry you’re in such a miserable position 😦

Comment by Eliza

Wow–typos galore in my comment above–sorry. I also had something I wanted to let you know about “in private” because there are some medical details I keep private on my blog just because some of our issues are so very rare, but I kind of wonder if you have one of the syndromes my family does, based on some things you’ve said about both your pregnancies–mind shooting me an e-mail? Up to you, it’s just one of those things that you can have ruled in or out that might explain some of the issues your twins have as well as some of what’s going on with this current pregnancy.

Comment by Eliza

Fingers crossed for every extra (preferably less-painful) minute, hour, day you can get. Stay strong, MeanMama and MeanBaby!

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

wishing for a lot of *boring* updates from you that start with “still pregnant…not much to tell” 🙂

sounds good tho, that meanbaby boy is in good health and strong and all!!!

Comment by gypsygrrl

I second the hope for boring updates, but also, a strong and healthy MeanBabyBoy whenever he needs to come.

Comment by Lo

It’s fantastic that you made it this far! I had full-out contractions and bleeding for 10 days after my water broke and before I went into real labor. They wouldn’t check my cervix, of course. And my contractions weren’t showing up properly on the monitor. By the time they finally believed me about the pain and checked, my daughter was crowning.
I dunno if that is helpful info, but I can say that the bleeding got much worse and the gushing fluid much less the day before I had her. She was born at 4 pounds at 32 weeks. She was in the NICU for 2 weeks, learning that whole suck and breath thing.
Good luck!

Comment by kari

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