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31 weeks (w/more info than original post)
April 20, 2008, 1:45 pm
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Bloody Sunday.

I had stopped bleeding, only to resume. It’s still light, but a little heavier than before. Could mean I’m dilating and will have the baby in the next couple days. Could mean very little. Could mean the beginning of slight placental abruption, a condition that can be serious but is common with premature ruptured membranes.  Luckily I am in the hospital, getting monitored and ultrasounded and blood-pressured and temp-taken all the time, so if there is a problem, we’ll know it.  And if there is heavy bleeding all the sudden, we’ll get the baby out and treat me.

Baby is still seeming well at this point, and I don’t have a fever or tenderness at the moment, so all of that is good.

I am being greedy now, but I’d like 32 weeks. Or how about 31 1/2?

Who the hell knows what meanbabyboy has planned. Probably HE doesn’t even know. I just pray for a safe and healthy outcome for both of us.


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I can’t believe you’re at 31 weeks! Here’s hoping little meanbabyboy doesn’t want to make an appearance just yet. Sending lots of postive thoughts your way.

Comment by JB

Congrats on 31!!!

Comment by Lo

Grrr on more bleeding, but hooray for 31!

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

YAY for 31!!!
being greedy right along with you for 32!!!

having kind of a tough day, so i dont have much else to say…(and i cant even blame it on pms hormones)

just know i am thinking about you…

Comment by gypsygrrl

31 weeks is awesome. Keep up the hard gestation work you are doing! Please give a belly pat to meanbabyboy.

Comment by Amanda

Yay!! 31!! (And to quote Michael Douglas from the 80s film Wall Street, “Greed is good.”)

Comment by Co

YAY for 31 weeks! You are doing so great! Hold on little meanbabyboy! Hold on!

Comment by Casey

Keep on truckin’ meanmama!

Glad you and meanbabyboy are being monitored so closely 🙂

Comment by Dee

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