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April 22, 2008, 5:02 pm
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meanbabyboy had a tough night.  His oxygen levels in his blood became disturbingly low. The doctor kept coming to our room to see us, first with good news, then with bad news, then with good news, then with bad news. Talk about your NICU rollercoaster!

The baby just wasn’t breathing like they expected him too – he needed too much oxygen in the air he was getting via the ventilator.  At first they thought maybe it was an air leak in his lungs, but the x-ray showed no such thing.  They decided it was either that 1)the blood vessels in his lungs were not working properly, 2)I transmitted a yeast infection to him (not possible to know this early) or 3)the worse one of them all: heart disease.  They called the cardiologist, who got out of bed and drove to the hospital so that MBB could have an echocardriogram in the middle of the night.  That seemed to be fine, though they will probably repeat it to be sure. They started him on medication to treat a yeast problem, just in case one exists. What really seemed to work for him was a gas (nitrix something?) that is supposed to open the blood vessels up.  Since he has been on that, his oxygen saturation has been fine (knock on wood!).

He is still on the ventilator.  They will be trying to slowly wean him off of the nitrix gas and then off of the ventilator.  I am not in a rush, though.  I just want him to be comfortable. The ventilator is not nearly as dramatic looking as I thought it would be.  Apparently, he is very reactive to touch and gets really mad and flailing when you go to change his diaper or something.

I’m really glad he’s doing better but disturbed by the fact that they say the resistance of his vessels to open up is pretty unusual.  That worries me. Is there some bigger reason, I wonder.  But I should not get ahead of myself.  One day at a time, eh?


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Hang in there meanmama. You’ll both get through this, rollercoaster be damned. The ride will be over before you know it.

Sorry to hear he had a rough night but grateful for good patches–may they far outweigh the rough spots.

Cheers to very reactive gorgeous baby boys!

Comment by Dee

ugh. I’m sorry it was a rough night. That just plain sucks. I am hoping it is all one of those things.

Pretty much everyone I know with NICU experience has eerily similar “what the heck?” stories. And PICU too. When my niece was 5 months and in PICU, they had no answers for why she kept having seizure after seizure. For ten days. In the end, they said it was trauma due to the near-death experience she had (a SIDS event where she stopped breathing and was found in her crib blue, but they did CPR). Anyway, my point is, almost two weeks of “Her brain is too big, according to the CAT scan” to “she is going to be delayed” to “she is epilectic” to “her xray looks off” to….nothing. And she is now three and just fine (knock on wood).

I’m no doctor, but if he is breathing with the nitrous gas then it seems like it is just a matter of time before he is breathing on his own. He is a tough baby and you are a tough mama!

Comment by Jennifer

I’m sorry it’s all so stressful and scary. Hang in there the best you can. You’re getting the best possible care for your littlest one. I hope things get easier quickly.

Comment by JB

Congratulations to you on a beautiful baby boy and lots of prayers for a soon-to-be ventilator-free existence!

Comment by Jude

what big ol’ roller coaster… we learned about that nitrix (i forget what it is called exactly, too) but it is lighter than regular oxygen and it makes it easier for the patient to breathe, which is great for the little guy ~ helping him out for now!

ya’ll are still in our thoughts and prayers!
love to all of you, especially the little MBB

Comment by gypsygrrl

Oh, I’m sorry it’s been a rocky start. Fingers crossed that the nitrix is the trick, indeed, and that this is the worst you’ll face.

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

Wow, just checking in, and very exciting to hear MBB is here, and via VBAC at that. Here’s hoping he keeps doing well. We’ll be checking in and checking in.

Comment by Lo

first..congrats and secondly..we’re keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. I’m betting he’s a tough little fighter somehow!

Comment by Dolores

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