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May 8, 2008, 12:15 am
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MBB is doing fine. He was moved from the “inside,” where the more critical babies are, to the “outside,” where the growers and feeders are, over the weekend. He is back to his birth weight. He is breastfeeding for 3 feedings per day, though we still supplement at times with gavage… it’s still a lot of work for him to sustain breastfeeding. He’s still in his incubator. He’s a little yellow. We’re watching this, since his older brother had anemia/bilirubin problems that became more serious. Hopefully that will not be his path. What else. When I’m not around, he is getting 35mls of milk via gavage. He is having bradys, but this is to be expected with any preemie. He’ll grow out of it. No word on his departure- there is still a lot for him to learn and do and grow out of. But I’m glad he is doing well. And I am doing well, too. I have not even needed any drugs to help he along. I am using music and books on spirituality to help me feel better. And this is the second time around the NICU for me, so it’s just not as bad I guess. I am just really tired, as I leave the house at 6:45AM each day and go go go until night. Yeesh.


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Yea–so glad to hear that MBB has graduated to feed and grow status 🙂

I’m also glad to hear that, while tired and busy, you’re in a much better place this NICU go’round.

Thinking of you five!

Comment by Dee

I’m so glad it’s going as well as can be. Hang in there – we’re keeping you in our thoughts. And thanks for the update!!

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

Hooray for Growing and Feeding!

Keep it up MBB! Sending virtual massages and no drama to mean baby mama too.

Comment by artsweet

Lotsa hugs to Mean Mama and Mean Baby.

Comment by Lo

glad to hear things are moving along, in a forward fashion and you sound pretty grounded and in a good place, for being in such a stressful place.

sending you all a lot of love…

Comment by gypsygrrl

that’s awesome! hang in there!

Comment by Dolores

Glad to hear that MBB is making such progress! Hang in there… it sounds like you are doing a a good job of taking care of yourself too- which is very important!

Comment by JB

[…] the weekend. He is back to his birth weight. He is breastfeeding for 3 feedings per day, though we s Parenting-Breastfeeding Resources and InformationHow-to article written by a grandmother […]

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