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5lbs 7oz
May 22, 2008, 9:28 pm
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He is growing. Big enough to be called a big boy in the context of the NICU. Now LET HIM OUT, already.

The breastfeeding has been going well. The opening of the mouth is pretty good- not fantastic, but we need to add in some bottle feeding if I’m ever to get a break from my daily trips to the hospital. Today was day #31, I think. That’s in addition to the 38 days I spent in the hospital before and after the child was born. I want to be there every day, but it’s getting emotionally (and physically) draining. I don’t want to keep the tube in his nose forever just to avoid the bottle, so we’re on to bottles during the feedings for which I can’t be there. It’s going to make his latch worse, inevitably, but if he’s anything like the twins, he’ll have a so-so/crappy latch for a while but will still get plenty of milk from my very generous breasts. As long as he just shows up come feeding time, the milk practically drips into his wee mouth. Hey, I may not be good at staying pregnant, but at least I was blessed with boobs of glory. You gotta have something.


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Oh, he’s gorgeous!!

Comment by Lo

He is beautiful!!!!!!! I hope he can be home soon, I know you all miss him at home!

Comment by jean

he is absolutely beautiful….best wishes for him to safely go home soon!

Comment by Dolores

What a sweet picture! He is beautiful. I can’t believe it’s been so many days for you at the hospital one way or another. Hang in there, and i hope he gets to come home soon.

Comment by JB

Yummy luscious baby boy-goodness 🙂 He’s dee-lish MM!!

Comment by Dee

he is perfect and beautiful and i want to squish him 🙂

Comment by Neenie

HOLY CRAP. Boobs of glory is my new favorite phrase EVER. Wes’ too.

He is gorgeous. He looks, to me, like your M.

Please do let us know when we can drop this gift off for you. We don’t even need to come inside – you can just crack the door and we’ll chuck it in and go. But it’s useful and you totally want what we got.

We love you guys to bits. So glad MBB is doing so well.

Comment by bri

look at that BIG Handsome Boy!!! oooh he is lovely… (hope its ok i am saying a BOY is Lovely) cant wait til we hear he is on his way HOME!

give him a little squish and smooches from an IVP auntie, ok?

Comment by gypsygrrl

He looks wonderful!!
& seriously- “boobs of glory” is awesome. It’s a great super power to have.

Comment by Calliope

After breastfeeding twins (I take a break to give you a much-deserved bow for that), I am sure that this little guy will get more than enough milk from you.

And wow, he is such a cutie! And so big!!!!

Comment by Co

He is so beautiful!

Comment by melissa

What a gorgeous guy! Thanks for sharing the picture. Love you all!

Comment by Jenya

came back to look at the little cutie-man again tonight… want to kiss his cheeks so badly! hugs to you all!!!


Comment by gypsygrrl

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