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May 31, 2008, 8:34 pm
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I have put up with a lot of shit in the past weeks, but this takes the cake.

I got my period.

Yes, it seems that no matter how dedicated you are to pumping, it is not as effective at keeping away your period as regular breastfeeding is.

And I was wondering why my very generous milk supply took a nose dive recently.

This was my ONE THING that I was good at, my ONE THING in this whole crapfest that I could be “normal” at, and now it’s been compromised. Plus, I have endometriosis, and this was supposed to be a rest period for that.



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Oh, hon, that’s so cruel. I think I’ve read that supplementing with calcium & magnesium immediately prior to and during your period can help maintain your supply so there’s not as much of a fluctuation. Major hugs to you.

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

i dont have anything constructive to say except: CRAP and dammitalltohell. grrr. no fair.

Comment by gypsygrrl

Cruel is completely the right word. Absolutely totally one hundred percent unfair and wrong. As if you didn’t already have enough going on.

Comment by JB

It is definitely cruel. Hugs.

Comment by Co

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