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Help! – Now with update.
June 13, 2008, 4:36 pm
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Okay, so I shared with you all that I got a period only about 5.5 weeks postpartum. It sucked, but whatever. Looked like a period, felt like a period, acted like a period.

Now here we are, about 15 days later, and guess what? Bleeding. Like a period.

So. Am I dying or what? I know periods are going to be irregular while nursing, but aren’t they supposed to be further apart, not closer together? My bleeding is steady, like a regular period, but not excessive. I feel fine, just a little crampy, like a normal period. But what if there’s still stuff in there from the birth. Or a tumor? Just kidding… mostly.

I have a call in to my OB. I did not go to my postpartum appointment yet. MBB came home the day before it was schedule, and I had to cancel it.

Any thoughts?

UPDATE: I found this info on something called a sixth-week bleed, and I thought it might be what I am experiencing. I still have a call in to my doctor, though.


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The same thing happened to me after I had my first kid–I bled for three solid weeks (we now know I have a bleeding disorder, although to this day I wonder why my repeated complaints about excessive bleeding kept getting dismissed), then stopped for a few days, then bled again (my OB’s nurse suggested that this was my period returning, which since I was pumping every three hours around the clock for a preemie who never did get the hang of eating “from the tap” thoroughly pissed me off–WHY, right?) for two MORE weeks, then stopped for two weeks and did it again a week later. My OBGYN said that if it happened ONE MORE TIME we’d do a D and C in case I had retained something, but my placenta had emerged without any missing pieces and I was too chicken to tell her when it DID happen again, for the LAST time. *shrugs* I, too, had the normal “crampy” feeling that goes along with a period, AND endo, which made me get my period as often as every three weeks anyway, so I think I just got desensitized to vaginal bleeding to the point that when they checked on the second round of bleeding and determined that I was NOT at that point anemic or even close I was willing to overlook it in the name of avoiding another trip to the doctor (which after weekly visits since eighteen weeks due to PTL and two visits of the mystery bleeding I was thoroughly sick of). Less than no help, I know, except that I eventually did knock it off and maybe it’s related to the endo?

Comment by Eliza

go see you OB – it could be PP still up to six -seven weeks.
If you OB is worried he might suggest a scan – it can tell you if any areas of thickness in the uterine lining for retained products I doubt it is a tumour or anything too nasty.So don’t worry yourself and tie your knickers in a knot.
I had this.
Hope it all goes well.

Comment by Trish

this is fascinating the hell out of me ~ i start my Maternity/OB rotation in the fall for nursing school… i wonder if we will cover this. thanks for sharing 🙂

Comment by gypsygrrl

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