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lovely but snotty weekend
June 23, 2008, 1:09 pm
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First, a pic of my 8+ lb. MBB. He is somewhat calm in this one, but so far he is not a big fan of bath time. I, on the other hand, love giving him a bath, if for no other reason than that Burt’s Bees shampoo bar smells like sheer heaven.

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday featured breakfast at a cafe with a big patio, and then across the street to the playground. After that, we had a nice, long walk through the park and ended up at the zoo. We came home just in time to collapse/take a nap.

Later that day, P put the car seats into our car. The car is an older sedan, and I couldn’t imagine how we’d fit three seats in there. He contacted the famous Car Lad.y of NYC with our car make, model, and year, along with the boys’ stats, and she suggested switching the boys to these seats, which we were able to do thanks to the generous Visa gift card we received from my co-workers. Along with the baby’s seat, these new seats fit so nicely and do not look or feel crowded at all. Of course it makes me a bit nervous that the boys are now forward-facing, but it was time, and they were very excited. It is also nice to have them facing forward because M seems to have developed car sickness, even with short trips, and being backwards could not have helped. Anyway, P spent the afternoon putting the seats in. (He is very good at it, especially since we have no LATCH system. With our last car seats, he took them to a technician to be checked after he’d installed them, and she said she only sees people install non-LATCH seats correctly about twice per year, and that he was one of them.) So to celebrate, we all took a ride around the neighborhood. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that we can actually go places as a family without having a minivan! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have no desire to buy a car while we are living in NYC. They get really banged up.

After our trip in the car, the boys watched Harry the Dirty Dog and Office.r Buckle and Glori.a on DVD, and we ordered a pizza. All in all, I think it was a great family day, and really nice for the boys especially.

The only problem with our weekend was that Sunday brought bad colds into our home. The boys had a sniffle before, but now they, and I, have full-blown colds with sore throats. No fun. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that the baby sounds a little congested this morning, and that freaks my shit out. All I can think of is preemies=bad lungs=unmanageable colds=hospital stays. Can you blame me? I’ve been to the hospital with my kids once or twice before, you know… . So that is stressing me out quite a bit at the moment.

Other topics to come: potty training (x2!); results of the psych eval (surprise! J is smart but unfocused – not on the spectrum. thanks, but we know.); finding a pre-school for space cadet kids (so un-pc, but that’s how us special ed teachers roll); how unreliable the system is (shocker!); and finally coming into my own as a mom (it took 3 kids for that? Yes.)

ps- omg, yesterday was my due date! as if a due date is anything more than a randomly-generated set of numbers when it comes to my pregnancies…


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I love your un-p.c. We inclusion teachers roll like that too. And I think that type of honesty is just what kids need, i.e., if J needs a space cadet preschool, that is what you should find him. People ask about our J. and school, and I have pat answers, but inside I feel like: we don’t know him well enough to answer that question.

Comment by Lo

oh wow- um. happy due date??
I can not imagine potty training twin boys. It is just a mind blow. But then again, I never thought I was able to do half the things I have done for Grandmother…so there you go.
Wish we all lived on the same block…

Comment by Calliope

good luck with the colds…hope they don’t take over your house for long!

Comment by Dolores

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