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bye bye preemie, hello screamie
July 9, 2008, 2:21 pm
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A commenter on the last post wrote: …he is ADORABLE and the way he sleeps kills me. It makes me want a newborn again sooooo bad. Maybe you can post pictures of him crying?!

Well, at 11+ weeks, 2+ weeks adjusted, it looks like MBB heard the commenter’s plea, because in the last few days he has become quite the handful (sorry, no picture of crying as yet, but coming soon!). He is sleeping a lot less and wants mainly to look around. And, he insists that he have a quality vantage point, which means he needs to be held a lot. If he does not get this, he screams and screams. His bed and his swing are no longer as acceptable to him as they were before. I try to put him in the Ergo or the Bjorn, but he does not like that unless I am walking at a good pace, without breaks. And if I’m sitting, he must be held free-style. He must, he must, he must!

I’m not sure where we’re going with sleeping at night. Typically, he has woken up 2 or 3 times per night and nursed for about 10 minutes (I have really abundant milk and fast flow, so quick nursing is normal for us). He then falls back to sleep next to me until he is out enough that I can transfer him back to his moses basket. Usually about 30 minutes. Two nights ago, however,  he was up once at 1AM for about 90 minutes and then up at 4:30 and refused to go back to sleep.  I thought I’d die when the 6:15 toddler wake-up call came in over the monitor. But then last night, he ate at 11PM, before I went to bed, and then at 3AM for 15 minutes, and that was blissfully it. So there is no pattern at this point. I do remember, though, that with the twins, who were also preemies, we had pretty good nights’ sleep the first couple of months, and then all went to hell as they became more typically developing.

Of course, we are happy that he is typically developing. Typically developing is good. Fussiness is a good sign. But damn.

At least I can remind myself that this is much easier than it was with two at the same time. I am so happy that we had twins first. It’s like having to run a marathon for your first race and then your next race is like a 5K. Not effortless, but way less ridiculous. Granted in real life, I’ve only run a 5K and not a marathon, but I’ve seen my husband run a marathon, and he did not look good at the end. All pale and whatnot. Actually, my analogy is not right, because while we currently have a singleton, we also have twin toddlers to look after. So really, I should say that the second time around would be like running a 5K while yelling at your twin toddlers to stay on the racing course, to NOT GO IN THE ROAD!!!, which would be mighty hard given how I’d be all out of breath from running. Okay, this analogy really stinks. I’m going now. Bye.


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I’m sorry, but I have to say, I’m thrilled with how he’s doing!

Comment by mrs.spit

Don’t be sorry, Mrs. Spit, it’s awesome! And thanks.

Comment by meanmama

Oh! I didn’t mean that I wanted him to START crying! Yikes. It’s a difficult age isn’t it? I found 3 months through 6 months to be quite challenging with my kids. They wanted to be able to do a lot more than they were physically capable of. And the crying and poor sleeping! Thats the main reason keeping me from having another kid (I have three).

It sounds like he’s doing wonderfully though. And he’s just so stinking cute!

Comment by cristin

you need to let me come visit and eat those cheeks. that will for sure keep the screaming away ;P

he is such a little cutie-patootie.

Comment by gypsygrrl

Glad to hear he’s turned into a fussy, crankypants of a newborn. Although I’m sure it’s beyond exhausting.

And I like your running analogy.

Comment by Co

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