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our hospital stay
July 31, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Well, I just came home from the hospital, where I spent two days with MBB.  He had a 100.9 temp and was a bit lethargic (not alarmingly so), and in the absense of a runny nose or other symptoms, the doc sent him to the ER for blood and urine cultures. It was promptly found out that he has a wicked UTI. They then did a couple of tests and saw that his left kidney is a bit swollen and that he has urinary reflux on the left side. It is appears to be on the more severe side, but the results are not completely dependable because he has a bad infection right now, and that could skew what normally goes on.  In any case, it’s a pain in the butt and at worst may require surgery. But in my view things could be much worse.  MBB no longer has a fever after two injections of strong antibiotics and seems back to his old self. He will be continuing on antibiotics for sometime. Apparently all of this has nothing to do with preemieness and more with being intact. (And please don’t write in to say that being intact has nothing to do with boys getting UTIs, because it does whether we like it or not. I have two other intact boys who did not have this problem, but the fact remains.)

Anyway, I am tired but not too rattled. Didn’t shed a tear this time. I guess being in the hospital with kids has become, in some way, part of my norm. I am beginning to realize that that’s okay. I can be okay with being okay with it, if that makes any sense. This is how my life has turned out, and hopefully it’s not forever. But boy am I annoying to the prematurely-cocky residents who tell me things that either 1)I already know, 2)know to be BS or 3)suggest far-out diagnoses that come straight out of some medical textbook. Please. Unless you are really nice and at least my age, get out of my way and let me talk to the attending.  Thanks. (Sorry for the rant, but I’m tired and a tiny bit cranky, and you’d be surprised how few residents have a good bedside manner and are not too insecure to put their own egos over the patient’s comfort.)

Like I said, I’m okay at the moment. But I think a vacation in the next two weeks (when we’d been considering one) may be out of the question. And we need one. Not sure what we’ll do to remedy that.


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So glad you are home, and that you are feeling okay about things….Thinking of you.

Comment by Lo

I’m sorry. That really sucks. I didn’t know that UTI’s are more incommon with intact boys. I knew that there were lots of “little” benefits (Aids reduction, lest risk of Pyronie’s disease) but I didn’t know UTI’s were one of the risks. Interesting.

Hope things keep getting better with babe.

Comment by mrs.spit

My son was diagnosed with a single umbilical artery in utero (which often results in kidney problems and UTIs) and after much Googling, talking to real live doctors, and gnashing our teeth, we came to the conclusion that we should circumcise.

Of course, that didn’t stop the OB who performed the procedure (an attending, no less) from telling me that I was forcing an elective, cosmetic procedure on a defenseless newborn as she was wheeling my son away. Doctors really can suck.

Hope you find a way to take a vacation.

Comment by BrooklynGirl

Yes, BrooklynGirl, circumcision will be a possibility if he gets another infection. At least they’d give him complete local anesthesia!

Comment by meanmama

ugh, sorry about the hospital stay. I’m glad to hear that MBB is on the mend!

Comment by melissa

Glad to hear that MBB is back to his ‘regular’ self.

Yes, it really does say something when you go to the hospital (again) with a kid and not cry or be reminded of past experiences there. Seems it’s become somewhat of the norm here too.

And I’m hoping like mad that you can get some sort of vacation soon.

Comment by Dee

hang in there and sending good vibes your way!

Comment by Dolores

as for the residents ~ july 1 starts the brand new baby-docs, and is likely accounting for the not-cultivated bedside manner… we ALL dread “July 1st” and until mid-september, its all a little dodgy dealing with them…

hugs to you all, and so glad MBB is feeling better and like his old cute sweet self! hope you can figure something out about vacation… you guys sure deserve one!!!


Comment by gypsygrrl

I have never heard being intact increases the risk of uti. A was born with an enlarged left kidney and tested for reflux but this was caused by a blockage between his kidney and his bladder. The dr told us not to circumcise at birth incase he needed surgery to clear the blockage. Didn’t want to increase infection risk

Comment by Kim_m_kk

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