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Because i am crazy…
August 5, 2008, 5:56 pm
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I took all 3 boys on the train by myself to Coney Island yesterday. And being that I’m even crazier, I took all 3 boys on the bus by myself to the botanic gardens today. I may yell. I may have them on  tight leash (figuratively). But by God, they’re glad to get out and do things, so it’s all good. You should see the looks I get. 3 kids under 3 years old, and me looking insane. Heh.

Despite appearances, I do enjoy myself on our outings. I am falling more in love with the baby and having a renewed lovefest with the twins.

If only P and I could get a break.  I can’t remember us feeling this desperate for a break in a long time. I think I feel the need to keep uber-busy right now because P and I have been feeling down. We just realllllly need a night out, at least.  It’s been a hard spring and summer as it is, and now we are having some problems with extended family judging us for not visiting. This started, in fact, when MBB was in the hospital last week. It feels shitty.


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I think the post needs a new title… “Because My Extended Family Is Crazy”. Hello? You were in the hospital! And anyway you have a preemie PLUS 2 y.o. twins. What are they ON?

Hugs to you and hope you get a night out soon.

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

I sure wish we were close enough to child mind. I’ve been itching to spend some time with wee ones, and you need a night out. . . .

Comment by mrs.spit

Wow…you are Wonder Woman. It is amazing what we can do when we just do it, know what I mean?

I wish I had a solution for the night off. We hit the same wall. Our only babysitter (SIL) is in Asia for the month. Why not kill two birds with one stone: Visit relatives and leave children while you go out to dinner!

Comment by Jennifer

Jennifer- good idea about visiting someone, but the relatives in question are very un-relaxing to visit. Not what we need right about now, you know?

Comment by meanmama

wish i lived closer, i would come visit and watch the kiddos and send ya’ll out for a date!!! 🙂

Comment by gypsygrrl

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