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Because I have nothing to say…
August 12, 2008, 8:36 pm
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I will say nothing.

But here are some pics to enjoy until my post-not-so-nice-getaway-weekend snit passes. (You don’t want to know. Trust me.)

Stop, drop, and roll (old news, but still cute):

And, admire the chub:

He doesn’t know that he was a 31 weeker, I guess.


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so cute and sooo big so fast!

Comment by Dolores

He looks so cute and cuddly!

Comment by melissa

boy oh boy are those some YUMMY looking cheeks!!!

Comment by gypsygrrl

Holy crap he’s cute!!

Comment by Wes

that is some well made cuteness there!

Comment by Calliope

Awwwww!!!!!!!! (That was what I said aloud when I saw those pics.) He’s so beautiful!

Comment by Co

He is positively delicious!!

Comment by Lo

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