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out of Hell and to the beach
August 22, 2008, 6:57 pm
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This morning was not pretty in the mean mama household.

mean mama displayed a lack of patience with her children that was unprecedented. mean mama spoke with clenched jaw, used the terms “you better” and “or else” and “just stop it.”  Then there were tears – including mean mama’s tears. A tearful phone call to P, who reassured mean mama that if she just told the boys she was having a bad morning and apologized to them (did both already), then it would be okay. mean mama did not feel it woul dbe okay at all, but sniffled and finished getting the boys together (interrupted by 2 big boy poops and 1 infant nursing).

They headed out the door to catch the bus, which would take them to a play space that mean mama’s friend had recommended. Just as they reached the end of their block, their bus passed them. There was swearing.

M kept saying, “I want the bus, Mama. I want the bus, Mama. I want the bus Mama. I want the bus, Mama. I want the… ”  Upon learning that he would not be taking the bus, he started in on, “I want the train, Mama. I want the train, Mama. I want the train, Mama. I want the…”

Not knowing what else to do, mean mama made a last-minute decision to take the boys to Coney Island, which is at the end of the local subway line. So off to Coney Island they went, where they played on the beach playground, stood at the edge of the toe-tickling waves, rode a kiddy ride, and ate the Famous hotdogs on a bench. The whole excursion, from door to beach to door took about 2.5 hours.

Everyone seems relatively happy and calm now (the boys are napping), but mean mama still feels like shit for being such a bitch-from-the-depths-of-hell mother this morning. There may be reasons and there may be excuses and there may be stresses, but still. It wasn’t good.


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aaaghh…don’t be so hard on yourself…we’re all human and we all have days like that! I had one myself this morning…maybe there’s something in the air! anyway, I’m sure they’re more likely to remember the fun, spontaneous trip to Coney Island than any bad mood from Mom…

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