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What is there to know?
September 16, 2008, 5:34 pm
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1. Palin. Who cares. The thing that most bothers me about her candidacy is how much we are all talking about her. Where can you go that someone is not talking about Palin?  And why? Because she’s a woman? If she were some krizazy Right-wing man, I think most of us Liberals would just be like, “Par for the course – another crazy, scary, extreme conservative. Fuckin’ A, man.” Such a man would not be an overnight celebrity. But no, she’s a woman who is crazy, scary, and extreme, and proud of it!  As such, she has become a celebrity, both to the Right and to the Left: Conservatives love her and we Liberals love to hate her, feeding her fire daily. I don’t see why we waste our time with this nonsense. So what if she’s a woman; the bottom line is that she is a typical, garden-variety unqualified jerkface. (In a lady suit.)

2. Obama. A lot of people have been saying, “What the f, man?” They have been expecting him to put on the gloves and get in the ring in the name of winning this election. We all know he has great ideas and is a fine, upstanding citizen and is well-educated and well-spoken and we even would say that he is the first real hope for Something Better that we’ve had in a long time. But Christ on a cracker, the man has never come off as tough or abrasive, not compared to his Conservative counterparts, so why is his behavior a surprise? Hell, I clearly saw his wimpitude in his bumbling demeanor as early as his first debates with Clinton. All of his “ums” and “ers” and looking down every 3 seconds… they do not come across as tough, or even direct. He has a tendency to explain things by talking around them, creating a spiral of logic and then zeroing in on the point. He is more of a fencer, I would say, than a boxer.

So, people are now upset with him and want him to change. I don’t know if we have a right to be upset with him, given the fact that he never promised machismo in the first place, but wanting him to change is certainly understandable. I mean, we just want to get a Liberal into office already. And I don’t know about you, but I’m all for compromising our approach. That brings me to #3.

3. The Art of the Sound Byte. I work with Liberals, I am friends with Liberals, I am married to a Liberal, hell I went to a college chock-full of peace-lovin’, over-the-top-Liberals (um, our football mascot was the Lit.tle Qua.ker. no joke.). But I grew up in a community of middle class and lower-middle class Irish/Italian Catholics. Everyone there used to vote Democrat, and now they are voting Republican. These people are by no means dumb, but they do want to grasp what each candidate stands for without having to get on the candidates’ web sites and read through each explanation of policy to know what’s up. Judge that however you want, but for most of us uber-Liberals the choice is quite obvious. The choice for these people, however, is less so. Many of them are anti-choice and pro-gun, yet are for more government services and may be anti-war. And we can’t just say, “Screw you!” to these people, because we need their votes, damnit.

“So what do you suggest, Mean Mama,” asks Obama. And Mean Mama says, “Geez, Obie,” cuz that’s what I call him, see. I say, “Geez, Obie, it’s a sound byte world. What is there to know? Give them short, powerful answers. Don’t pander to both sides of an issue. Say what you will do and leave it at that, because most working people will respect you for being direct rather than what they see as talking around an issue -this makes you seem less trustworthy. Your point must be made within 5 seconds of answering a question, and then you support the answer, not the other way around. AND, keep their gaze, Obie. You look down too much when you are thinking. People don’t trust that. Practice by looking in the mirror at home – have Michelle ask you a question and then keep your own gaze while answering it, without fleeting. Remember, whenever you are at an interview or a debate, Americans are trying to imagine you as their Commander-in-Chief, and if you are breaking eye contact and saying, ‘um,’ ‘er,’ ‘look, what I’m saying here is,’ they will fear you will come off as a wimp against, say, Kim Jon.g-il in a Presidential meeting. Further, you need to speak with a bolder tone at all times. You seem to be a person who stays inside of himself, projects himself only within a small space as if all of his gestures and statements are not intended to reach beyond a 6 ft surrounding bubble. In other words, you need to man up. Really you do.”

Please don’t be annoyed at me, dear readers. Lots of liberals talk about the war on intellectualism and running dignified campaigns. We like to say that Americans are dumb, as if we aren’t Americans, and we like to say that people in this country have a 5-second attention span. Regardless of whether those things are true and what they mean, we need to win this election.  We need to do what we need to do to win this election right now. And Obama owes it to us, because we voted for him, to do what is needed even if it is uncomfortable for him to do so.  Hear that, Obie?


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Yes. I agree. Write him a letter!!!

Comment by Lo

well said!

Comment by Dolores

this is what I like to call a kick ass post!

Comment by Calliope

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