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September 25, 2008, 3:22 pm
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The thing that makes the chaos that is my three-child family sort of doable is that MBB does not mind being ignored… as long as his brothers are around, that is.

Even before MBB was born, he would kick when I sat by the boys as they chattered.  And shortly after he came home, he would clearly focus on them as they ran back and forth past him.  Sometimes I put him in their room with them if they are doing something calm, like blocks or trains (they are always under my watch, of course).  He would normally begin to cry after about 10 minutes in his chair, but he stays in much longer if he has them to observe. In fact, I’ve begun to put him in his when they are around, because he doesn’t really like being in it (but needs to because he needs more neck strength), and he tolerates it much better when hanging out with his brothers.

I have to admit that before MBB was born I was not focused on or particularly excited about the new sibling relationship(s) that his birth would create.  Having twins, you have to negotiate and get to appreciate such a relationship from the very beginning. And now that he is here, the impact is not as dramatic as I’d imagine it would be in a 1 kid + 1 newborn situation.  The unexpected perk has been that the baby has built-in entertainment, and that entertainment is not me. The fact that he actually enjoys sitting there like a lump while I insanely chase the boys around in the morning getting them ready for school serves both parties very nicely.  Also it kind of makes up for the miserable moments, when MBB is crying and the boys are whining and I… if you’re lucky, I’m not yelling.

It is sweet that he already adores his big brothers. -Not that they pay him much attention.  I don’t push it, though, because they have already been asked to share, get along, and be aware of each other for all of their freaking lives.  I would rather see their interest unfold naturally as MBB grows and develops.

Until then, MBB is a tag-along little brother and likes it just fine.

Taken about 2 months ago.


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so very cute…now, if it’s not too much to ask, please put up more recent pictures! (c’mon…it’s not like you’re busy or something! 🙂

Comment by Dolores

awwww. That is a cute as hell photo.

Comment by Calliope

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