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20 facts, in very random order
October 2, 2008, 6:23 pm
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1. My allergies are so bad right now that I want to rip my eyes out of my skull.

2. Having 3 days home with all 3 boys is a good cure for lacking motivation to go back to work.

3. Having 3 days home with all 3 boys is so nice during those nice moments.

4. I have been told that M is spinning and running around in circles at school and that he has low tone in his mid-section. He has now begun to spin at home, too (this is M, who is NOT in special ed mind you). When I asked him why he is doing it, he cheerfully says, “Cuz I WANT to, Mommy!” Dear lord.

5. I have been told how affectionate and happy M is at school. I guess that’s what they tell you when they want to break it gently to you that your “normal” child is spinning and running in circles during group activities. Again: dear lord.

6. MBB needs to be evaluated for torcolitis. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all 3 of my kids could receive services? Let’s see, that would be 4 kinds for J, 2 (maybe 3?) kinds for M, and 1 for MBB. Just thinking about scheduling it all makes me crazy.

7. How can it be that we need all of this when, to the outside viewer and even to myself at times, my family seems typical?

8. Oh well.

9. I have finished cooking and freezing enough food for 14 meals so that after-school time with the boys does not have to be cooking time once I return to work. It’s kind of like what I imagine nesting would be, had I ever been afforded the luxury of nesting.

10. I am not resting on my laurels about tonight’s VP debate. All of my friends (Liberals) are snickering with glee about how le Dem is gonna squash la Rep. But our buddy Joe has been known to say some dumb things, and the conservative minds behind the Republican campaigns are so, so crafty that I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with some brilliant way to throw things off kilter.

11. Lots of people in the computer and in person are discussing what to cook tonight for the debate. I was going to make this fabulous green bundt cake, but it requires pistachio pudding mix, and guess what. They don’t make that anymore, except in sugar-free. I know, you are probably shocked and appalled at this news. Sorry.

12. I had to box up some of MBB”s 0-3 month clothes, and I did not feel the sting that I felt when I did it for the twins. I think that’s a good sign.

13. Back to cooking and freezing. Here’s what I made: squash lasagna, meatballs (for spaghetti and), tofu burgers, empanadas, Asian salmon patties, chicken-artichoke stew, vegetable chowder, lemon fish cakes, chili, eggplant calzones, and stuffing for tacos.

14. Instead of dessert last night, I had a mug of hot cider, and it was very yummy.

15. I am finally in reach of my pre-pregnancy weight+5. I added the 5 because I don’t think I can realistically get back to where I was before after this baby, at least not without working out and/or going on Weight Watchers.  I’m in my BMI and feeling okay, besides the fact that my clothes won’t fit.

16. My clothes won’t fit because my waist is so much bigger than ever, because my abs are realllllly separated (already were before this pregnancy, and they got worse), because I have so much extra skin/tissue now, because I carry all of my fat in my tummy. My butt actually is smaller than after the boys when I weighted this same weight. Who the hell knows why.

17. Instead of trying to get into my old clothes, which barely fit me even when I dropped down to a very low weight with Weight Watchers before my last pregnancy, I got some new clothes. Now THERE’S a concept. And the new clothes only come in S, M, L types of sizes, so I don’t have to worry about the subtleties of 8s, 10s, and 12s.

18. Even though I’m perhaps flabbier than ever, I am much less self-conscious than ever. And perhaps that’s a little scary, considering the state of unkempt-ness that allowed myself in public to begin with.

19. Having just one baby has been so much easier for me than having two was. Even when he’s fussy, it’s not awful. I think his nature is much like the boys’ were. In other words, they were not difficult babies. But since there were two of them,  and it would get very hard when they would fuss off and on throughout the day. Also, many things that were on my mind like crib vs. co-sleeping, etc., do not even come up with this baby because it is possible to just go with the flow and see where it takes me. With twins, there was no flow.

20. I finally tweezed my eyebrows, and the world is thanking me.


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Allergies? Maybe that is why my nose is running too.

Mothers are nothing if not a manager of appointments, dates and the bust social agenda of their children. Do you remember when it used to be all about you?! I would say “I don’t know how you do it,” but I know how: You just do it. And you really are doing such a great job. Your menu is amazing!

Comment by Jennifer

what’s so wrong with spinning? is that the preschool version of smoking in the bathroom?

Comment by ifindmyselfamother

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