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November 12, 2008, 2:24 am
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Hey, just so everyone knows, I was joking in the last post when I said, ” Is this the end of the world as I know it?” regarding using formula. If I seem startled by the need to use it, it’s only because I am clueless about what formula to buy, how much to feed him, etc.  When the boys were newborns, I was advised against formula use because of the significantly increased risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (an issue with preemies).  I was lucky enough to have the supply to not need it.  But beyond that, I have nothing against formula. Why, I myself was a formula-fed baby, and look how great I turned out!

And Jane, I hate to say it but I don’t see any of my kids as future Harvard grads. They are not and have never been advanced at much of anything. Except for cuteness.  But usually that does not get you into the Ivy League… at least not as effectively as being rich does.


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If you have the time to drop by your pediatrician’s office, call and ask what kind of free samples they have. Then you can try different kinds, or at least get a recommendation from someone who’s supposed to know. My daughter was not very sensitive, so we fed her anything we had on hand when we needed a little supplement. She didn’t like the soy formula, but everything else worked OK. Of course, she preferred mom, but it’s best to learn really early that you can’t always get what you want! Everyone else I know used Good Start.

Comment by a

You know, I didn’t even really register the “end of the world” bit – I was sorry that you have this stress on top of everything else, and sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! 🙂

Comment by Jen (yup, another one)

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